Case Study - The Medical College of Virginia

Improves Life Safety With More Efficient Communication


Located in downtown Richmond, the Medical College of Virginia (MCV) is a national leader in education, medical research and health care and the eighth largest medical center located on a U.S. academic campus. MCV consists of many buildings of various ages, design and levels with some dating from the late 1800s. The campus uses Notifier fire systems from Honeywell with monitoring provided by Communications Specialists (CSI) of Hanover, Virginia. MCV’s multiple Notifier systems are linked by another Honeywell product called Uninet to produce a common data stream. However, real-time events processed by Uninet had to be manually sent by a dispatcher to the correct personnel via pagers. This method of communication was tedious and didn’t provide accountability or efficient process management. Dispatchers easily could become overwhelmed.


Working in conjunction with CSI, Status Solutions developed a SARA software interface to accept the Uninet data stream and then generate automatic alerts to campus personnel using a variety of devices. SARA can distinguish between different alerts, sending information to the appropriate personnel or response teams. The result is more efficient communications to enhance life safety. 


  • Enables more efficient communication to enhance life safety
  • Generates automated alerts to campus personnel using various communication devices
  • Segments alerts by type to send them to the appropriate response team