Case Study - City of Sandusky Fire Department


The Sandusky, Ohio Fire Department serves more than 29,000 permanent residents in an area of 14.7 square miles. Summer brings an additional 30,000 to 50,000 visitors to Sandusky’s Cedar Point Amusement Park, making efficient mass notification even more critical to emergency management. Anticipating reductions in staff and increased communication costs, the City of Sandusky needed a new platform for inter-departmental communications. Because personal messaging is an integral part of the Fire Division’s daily operations, this change would have significant impact. Department supervisors and IT specialists researched systems, seeking a city-wide solution.

“The SARA solution for mass notification was installed at a fraction of the cost of the department’s previous paging system. And modifications to the alerting process can be made easily, thanks to SARA’s flexible design.”
– Paul Ricci, Fire Chief


After meeting with Status Solutions, Sandusky realized that the SARA solution would meet its requirements of affordability, service, expandability and – above all – usability. Work then began to configure and install SARA for mass notification through the city’s fiber optic network.


  • Uses cell phones, home phones, pagers, email, two-way radios and public address systems to send alerts and campaign-style messages to employees
  • Contacts employees individually or as functional groups, such as and including the dive team, hazmat team, rope team, officers, paramedics and firefighters, via both voice and text messaging
  • Generates messages for outside individuals and groups, including city commissioners, department heads and media
  • Provides repeat messaging