Case Study - Kendal Lathrop Easthampton

Uses SARA for Broad Emergency Management Applications


An affiliate of The Kendal Corporation, the Easthampton, Mass., campus of Lathrop Retirement Communities, serves older adults in the Quaker tradition, with a campus comprising 61 townhomes and 59 apartments at The Inn at Easthampton. In 2008, the community needed to replace an unreliable and complicated emergency response system.

“SARA is easy, versatile and dependable. The solution does what it’s supposed to do when it comes to helping us provide basic emergency response. However, we’ve been able to use it for broader emergency management and environmental monitoring applications. We can use SARA to generate an electronic history for virtually any category we create.”
– Jack Cooper, Director of Facilities


Easthampton deployed SARA as the alerting engine for nurse calls, with notifications through wireless personal pendants and pull cords in individual units, as well as in public restrooms and exercise areas. SARA allowed the retirement community to expand its wireless bubble, converting wired pull cords to wireless ones that can be moved easily within a unit to accommodate residents’ furniture, for example. SARA’s supervisory feature adds to its dependability, monitoring Easthampton’s pendants, pull cords and transmitters across campus. If a device is missing because a resident leaves the campus for an extended period of time or if a battery is low, an alert is generated. Lathrop Easthampton has integrated SARA with many other emergency and environmental monitoring systems for situational awareness. 


  • Expedited an investigation when alerting devices on an entire street went offline. A painter had accidentally unplugged a repeater, but it was quickly plugged back in once the problem was discovered.
  • Easily integrated with existing hardware for the conventional pendant system and card readers for access control throughout the campus
  • Integrated with fire panels and fire pull stations throughout the campus with smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors in each unit and all common areas.
  • Used as an empty cottage fire alarm with a universal transmitter wired to the dialer/strobe circuit that signals SARA if an alarm goes off in an empty unit
  • Provides door-contact alerts. If the apartment door of someone with cognitive issues has been opened at 2 a.m., an alert notifies security. Combined with the access control and security camera systems, a trail can be created to determine what is happening.
  • Generates history to demonstrate that security is making appropriate and thorough rounds. Security officers are required to insert a key into transmitters with key switches that have been set up as security checkpoints across the campus.
  • Maintains consistent unit temperatures with alerts going to SARA if a temperature drops below 40 degrees
  • Monitors sewage pumping stations to prevent a catastrophic shutdown if a high-water condition occurs
  • Sends alerts if a sprinkler goes off along with its location
  • Monitors the generator to confirm proper operation