Case Study - Dannon

Improves Life Safety, Operations and Environmental Monitoring with SARA


The Dannon Company, Inc.'s plant in Minster, Ohio, is the largest yogurt manufacturing plant in the United States, producing 230,000+ cups of yogurt an hour or three million+ cups per day. The plant’s five buildings are networked with a Cisco IP infrastructure, but each building has various alarm systems from different providers, including fire panels, fire pull cords and smoke detectors plus door access control systems, ammonia control systems, security and sprinkler systems. When a new utilities building was constructed to house refrigeration units, boilers, pumps, etc., Dannon needed to ensure compliance with federal and local regulations regarding safety and environmental monitoring. The Minster plant needed a platform to centrally monitor all of its disparate systems across locations to provide real-time, detailed alerts in the event of an emergency or system issue.

“The solution has allowed us to improve operational efficiency, but it also has enhanced the personal safety of our employees and environmental monitoring so we know what’s going on at the Minster plant.”
– David Uetrecht, Onsite Support Manager, Dannon IT Group


Status Solutions delivered a customized, integrated alerting/mass notification solution to Dannon, using the existing Cisco infrastructure. SARA seamlessly integrates Dannon’s multiple alarm systems to provide centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting. “The level of customization needed for this solution required the alignment of a number of teams,” states Uetrecht. “We were successful in this effort and were able to get things done in a timely manner.”


  • Integrated multiple alarm systems on one alerting platform
  • Achieved full compliance with state regulations requiring two forms of notification
  • Leveraged legacy technology infrastructure
  • Equipped Minster plant to achieve risk management efficiently and economically
  • Planning to expand SARA’s use across the Dannon enterprise to include the two other U.S. plants