• February082018

    Where are they now? Southminster

    Since winning bronze from the McKnight's Tech Awards in 2014 for its use of an in-room communication system known as CATIE, Southminster in Charlotte, NC, has embraced increased uses of technology.

  • January272018

    Preventing Problems with Predictive Analytics

    . By regularly reviewing your facility analytics and constantly identifying new ways to monitor the environment, you will reduce maintenance costs in the long run, while also ensuring a safe space for your faculty to teach and your students to learn.

  • January252018

    Senior Housing News | Tech Beat

    Status Solutions Launches CATIE Web for Senior Living Communities

  • January172018

    Technology solution expands to web

    Status Solutions has launched CATIE Web so that seniors can access the product from outside their rooms. CATIE Web allows them to maintain that connection through any laptop or computer with Google Chrome, rather than rely on location.

  • January022018

    Boosting Morale Through Intergenerational Engagement

    Status Solutions' General Manager, Danielle Myers, explains the positive impact of intergenerational engagement on seniors and youth alike.