Situational Awareness Applications

  • Life Safety
  • Security
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Mass Notification


What is situational awareness?

Situational awareness was originally a military term referring to a pilot's operational status and knowledge of immediate threats. Today, it means having real-time information about potential threats to people, property, business and convenience. Any organization can benefit from situational awareness as part of its risk management strategy.

Why is situational awareness important?

Situational awareness ensures that the right information goes to the right people on the right devices automatically for faster, more efficient communication, especially in the event of an emergency. In addition to emergency preparedness and response, it also improves business operations.

How can situational awareness be used?

Situational awareness provides a wide view of what's happening in and around an organization to prevent ignorance-based loss. With centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting, you can deliver emergency notifications or other announcements to virtually any screen – workstations, smartphones, tablets and digital signage including TVs. The most common applications for situational awareness include life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.

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Situational Awareness